I am a tech lead, software engineer and architect. I help Porsche build better and faster cars, on the road and on race track. On weekends I'm working on autonomous delivery robots.


  • architect at Porsche

  • product management and engineering at moovel (Daimler AG) - mobility consumer apps, on-demand micromobility services, machine learning applications to mobility challenges.

  • CEO of Mobiscope - cloud video surveillance startup.

  • head of development (CTO) at SHAPE GmbH, building messaging and productivity apps for 12 years.

core expertise

  • software engineering and architecture

  • automotive architecture

  • product management

  • mobility services: on demand micro-mobility, trip planning, multi-modal mobility

  • mobile apps

areas of interest and ongoing education

  • machine learning

  • robotics

  • autonomous driving

I'm passionate about engineering, cars and motorsport.


weekend driving and isochrones

building Robaka, a small robocar prototype


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